The Fitbit-Connected 'Lazy Jar' Keeps Users Accountable on Fitness Goals

 - Oct 6, 2017
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In the same way that one adds money to a sweat jar when a curse word has been spoken, Lazy Jar is an app that has users pay for failing to meet their fitness goals.

The aim of the Fitbit-connected application is to help users build discipline, but do so in a way that is based on negative reinforcement than providing positive incentives. Lazy Jar has app users set a weekly goal, as well as a penalty for failing to fulfil that goal. To help users devote themselves fully to the cause, the app has users make a security deposit that will be refunded after a six-month commitment period.

As far as the money that goes to Lazy Jar from missed physical activity sessions, it donates 80% to charity and uses the rest for the upkeep of the app.