Yves Béhar's 'Aura Power' Clothing Relieves Muscle Strain

 - Oct 16, 2017
References: dezeen
Designer Yves Béhar's of Fuseproject studio, recently launched 'Aura Power,' a responsive garment that is meant to relieve muscle strain and help wearers with general mobility. Featurng 'eletric muscles' that are built into its structure, this bodysuit-like garment was originally designed to help elderly people walk, climb stairs, and maintain correct posture while standing up.

"The clothing, which is made from a lightweight and flexible fabric, aims to provide the ageing population with a higher level of strength through a series of motors housed in hexagonal pods."

This smart clothing concept is designed in collaboration with robotics company Superflex and is worn close to the body, meaning it can be hidden under clothing. Though still in its conceptual stages, this garment illustrates the growing desire for wearable pain relief sources that aid with mobility while preventing muscle strain.