The Tea Apothecary Kit from David's Tea Helps to Create DIY Tea Blends

 - Feb 1, 2019
References: davidstea & blog.davidstea
Creating DIY tea blends is as simple as combining spices, flowers, herbs and fruits to create complementary flavors and to help consumers with customizing their own unique varieties, David's Tea created a Tea Apothecary Kit. The kit consists of small vials of functional tea blends from David's Tea, which consumers may recognize in the form of pre-made blends like the Ginger Turmeric Tonic or The Buzz, as well as "booster" ingredients like chamomile and peppermint.

With this kit, consumers with a flair for creating their own products are able to mix and match scoops of the loose leaf teas to create their own bold new blends. David's Tea suggests loose guidelines, such as pairing a spoonful of tea with one spoonful of a booster. For instance, combining The Buzz with Peppermint creates what David's Tea has dubbed the "Post-Yoga Elixir."