- Mar 24, 2019
The March 2019 drinking round-up spotlights some interesting examples in the alcoholic category. Brewers are starting to get really creative with their offerings. Karbach Brewing Co. launched a chocolate stout beer with a color theme that mimics the one of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' The whimsicality behind the identity is sure to immediately capture the consumer's attention. Another interesting product is Smartmouth Brewing 's cereal-inspired beverage. The beer has been brewed with toasted marshmallows and made with dehydrated marshmallow pieces to induce a flavor that is similar to that of the beloved Lucky Charms cereal.

Another dominant category in the March 2019 drinking round-up is that of the health-focused beverage. From dairy-free probiotic shots to clinically backed digestive beverages, the emphasis on wellness and liquid detox is definitely present.

From Sustainable Glass Refillable Bottles to Powdered Juice Mixes: