Re-Entry from Space Heats Space Roasters' Coffee Beans

 - Feb 2, 2019
Various kinds of alcohol products have been launched into space and aged as part of different brand experiments and now, Space Roasters is looking to "revolutionize coffee roasting" by taking the process to outer space. Space Roasters plans to send green coffee into space and allow the heat from its re-entry through Earth's atmosphere to take care of the roasting—and in the process, address many of the pitfalls of conventional coffee-roasting practices. Since gravity interferes with coffee beans tumbling and breaking, Space Roasters aims to create a zero-gravity setting for roasting that creates evenly distributed heat and perfectly roasted beans.

In a few weeks, Space Roasters will be accepting pre-sales to prove to the world how it plans to change the quality of coffee people have become accustomed to.