Slingsby Gooseberry Gin Boasts the Fruity Notes of a Sauvignon Blanc

Slingsby Gin recently launched a gooseberry-flavored expression that was based on the fruity tones found in New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc. The wine-inspired gin spirit was specifically created to capture the unique finish of the New Zealand wine and was first available to sample at a Slingsby store—with positive feedback, what began as a trial product is now a permanent expression from Slingsby Gin.

While the gooseberry-flavored gin features the same familiar botanical base as the brand's classic London Dry Gin, it is enhanced with fresh, locally sourced Yorkshire gooseberries, which are tangy and sharp. Even so, Slingsby Gin co-founder Mike Carthy notes, "The feedback we’ve had so far is how the taste is nothing like you imagine a gooseberry gin to be, but in a good way, so we highly recommend trying over ice, with tonic water."