The Pod by Eight Sleep Helps to Improve "Sleep Fitness"

 - Feb 13, 2019
References: prnewswire
The Pod by Eight Sleep is a high-tech bed that integrates dynamic temperature regulation, biometric tracking, smart home integrations and sleep coaching to help sleepers experience a better rest and recovery experience.

With more consumers earnestly investing in apps, devices and weighted blankets to increase the quality of their nightly rest, Eight Sleep is emerging as the world's first sleep fitness company devoted to delivering solutions for "optimal sleep fitness."

One of the most impressive features of The Pod is the dynamic temperature feature, which uses artificial intelligence to learn one's sleep habits and adjust the temperature accordingly for enhanced comfort. The innovative bed also works as an AI-powered sleep coach, which collects and analyzes data from physiological and environmental factors to provide personalized insights and a sleep fitness score that can be improved over time.