The Walabot Home Tracks Users and Ensure They are Safe

 - Oct 29, 2018
References: venturebeat & digitaltrends
Functioning as a set of virtual eyes, the Walabot Home ensures that loved ones are always safe and have access to help. Designed to sense when a person has fallen in their home, the Walabot Home was purposefully built to keep an eye on elderly loved ones. Essentially, the device functions as a central nervous system that tracks a person as they move through their house. The sensor is even strong enough to track a person through walls and curtains that would otherwise block a camera.

Leveraging the capabilities of a smart home device, the Walabot Home fulfills a distinct need in the homes of elderly individuals. The ability to track and sense falls adds a greater level of security to a person's life and ensures that a disaster does not become life-threatening.