From DIY Thermal Cameras to Motorized Camera Mounts

 - Dec 15, 2018
Buying gifts for photographers can be a somewhat daunting task, but these gift ideas for photographers showcase some of the most innovative and intriguing products to help capture the perfect shot.

Polaroid cameras have become relevant again, thanks to booms in nostalgic products, but they can often be expensive or hard to find. Thankfully, the Magny 35 offers up instant Polaroid printing qualities while being fully compatible with standard SLR-styled cameras. This preserves the quality and functions of an SLR camera while offering the novelty and instant photo printing capabilities of Polaroid cameras.

Also featured on this list is the Nikon DF-M1 viewfinder. Designed as an aftermarket accessory, this viewfinder draws inspiration from holographic firearm sights and allows photographers the ability to easily track and follow subjects while using a super telephoto lens. Unlike built-in viewfinders, the DF-M1 offers greater peripheral vision to allow for easier shot and subject tracking.