The Color Campaign by Jamie + the Jones is Effortless

 - Apr 18, 2018
References: jamieandthejones
Aiming to encourage an adventurous spirit in people who don't explore chromatic palettes in their day-to-day outfits, fashion brand Jamie + the Jones launched the Color Campaign. The project is a nuanced and cheerful lookbook, featuring J + J products that boast the philosophy of vibrant color.

Jamie + the Jones maintains the belief that color is vastly inspirational and can positively impact the way we think, feel or even make decisions. The label seeks to build off the common knowledge that colors can affect emotions, instilling a sense of "Excitement. Tranquility. Comfort. Empowerment. Energy."

The Color Campaign by Jamie + the Jones seeks to show consumers how color can be a catalyst for being comfortable in one's skin, without sacrificing that sleek, fashion-forward and sophisticated vibe.