From STEM-Encouraging Robotic Dolls to Supportive Women-in-Design Merch

 - Dec 8, 2018
As the concept of inclusivity, ethical practices, sustainability, and equality are continuously being pushed and celebrated, these empowering gift ideas will definitely grant the receiver with confidence, positivity, and motivation. Whether it is about education, the LGBTQ+ community, inclusivity in size, the feminist agenda or addressing social disparity and discrimination, each option is charged with good intent.

Sagmeister & Walsh, for example, has a fierce 'No Filter' collection that supports women-in-design. In addition to being super stylish and quirky, proceeds from this line will go toward supporting the 'Ladies, Wine & Design' initiative.

The empowering gift ideas for little ones cover two camps — the education-focused and the pure entertainment toys. Barbie's feminist-inspired and diverse Shero collection is always a safe bet, but for those who want a little bit of extra value, companies like Smartgurlz offer interactive STEM-teaching dolls.