'Happily Unmarried' is an Unconventional Personal Care Brand for Women

'Happily Unmarried' is a standout ecommerce personal care product brand based out of New Delhi, India, that launched because it "didn't like the way grooming products are made and sold to women."

The brand sees the Happily Unmarried woman as one who is quirky, confident, witty and profound, as well as one who is wise to the claims from other product companies. The brand champions high-quality ingredients from nature, chemical-free formulas, as well as packaging that is full of personality.

The unconventional personal product brand for women in India embraces bold statements like "Wanted True Love, Found This Body Wash" and "Switch Off the AC or Get This Moisturizing Cream." Inspired by a popular Indian sauce base, the brand created the 'Soul Chutney' body mist, which boasts floral, fresh and fruity notes.

Image Credit: Laavanya Sharma, Akshay Choubey