Sagmeister & Walsh's Swear-Filled 'No Filter' Merch is Fierce

After its anti-Trump 2016 collection, Sagmeister & Walsh is now launching a wonderfully aggressive and statement-making capsule of pins, badges, clothing and more, titled 'Sorry I Have No Filter.' Cleverly designed to appeal to the younger generation with quirky lingo, swear words and other symbols of empowerment and fierceness, the capsule is dedicated to promoting and accelerating the roles of females in the art and design industry.

From fashion-forward tees that boast graphic illustrations of females from different cultures and ethnicities with the words "Boss Babe" to simplistic mug designs promoting that "Perfection is Boring" with chipped teeth and plump lips, the Sorry I Have No Filter collection is truly a form of rebellion.

In addition, all proceeds from the capsule will go to graphic designer Jessica Walsh's 'Ladies, Wine & Design' initiative.