Vagina Dentata Zine Explores Themes Through Striking Visual Layouts

Vagina Dentata is a sci-fi fashion zine that provides readers with accessible content that celebrates artistry, personality, and the right to be weird. The publication maintains a strong focus on the relationship between science fiction and style with an eerie and otherworldly composition.

The fashion zine has a potent visual language that stimulates worthwhile conversations about presentation, design, and consumerism. Vagina Dentata strongly affiliates itself with marginalized communities and aims to offer women, LGBTQIA+, POC and non-binary artist an outlet for self-expression and visualization of futures. It is the experimental approach to content curation, the engaging futuristic thematics and the mesmerizingly styled images that elevate the fashion zine. Its high-quality of production and focus on socially relevant topics is what drives Vagina Dentata to be successful in the category of small community-led publications.