- Feb 12, 2019
Valentine's Day pop-ups are a great way of engaging consumers during the romantic holiday. For one, temporary activations can be hyper-targeted due to their time frame restrictions. Secondly, they boast a strong design aesthetic due to the uniform theme. Thirdly, they break the mundane every day for consumers, giving them the chance to try something new or to indulge in something they love. Not to mention, Valentine's Day pop-ups are also quite persuasive when it comes to branding identity.

This year's romance-forward initiatives include a collaboration between KITH, the PlantShed and emerging designer Sami Miro, as well as a candy-themed salon experience by Mars Wrigley Confectionery which promises to prepare you for your upcoming day or to simply allow you to relax with manicures, massages and more. This list also spotlights some successful Valentine's Day pop-ups from last year.

From All-Chocolate Pizzeria Pop-Ups to Dog-Centric Dating Pop-Ups: