Keiichi Tanaami and APPortfolio Drop a Psychedelic Collaboration

Celebrated Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami joins APPortfolio for a small psychedelia-inspired collaboration that is expected to produce a trippy skateboard deck and a mini pouch. The offerings are set to drop on June 25th.

The deck boasts Keiichi Tanaami's psychedelic pop art and it actively communicates the creative's "childhood experiences during WWII in Japan." Immersive, intricate and emotive, the trippy skateboard deck definitely sends a distorted message that communicates angst with an ultra-artistic and meaningful approach.

The second piece of the Keiichi Tanaami x AAPortfolio 2018 collaboration is the small pouch that boasts the same Japanese pop art style but on a smaller scale. The little accessory is the perfect currency holder for active skateboarders.