The Radiate Portable Campfire Has a 30-Year Shelf Life

 - Jun 29, 2018
References: radiateportablecampfire & uncrate
A key essential to any camping adventure is a successful fire and the Radiate Portable Campfire makes it as effortless as simply lighting a candle. Made from 100% soy wax and recycled paper pulp, each portable campfire burns for three to five hours and emits less smoke and soot when compared to a traditional fire. The campfire currently comes in two varieties, original and bug-repelling. The bug repellant variety utilizes all-natural eucalyptus, which keeps insects away and provides a pleasant aroma.

The case of the Radiate Portable Campfire ensures that the campfire is entirely waterproof and contains the fire in a convenient and safe package. The portable campfire also has the distinct advantage of having a 30-year shelf life and is entirely non-toxic.