- Apr 28, 2018
Though the April 2018 gadget trends show that today, gadgets are all around us, the etymology of the word "gadget" is somewhat disputed. According to some, the word first came into use in reference to the French company 'Gaget, Gauthier & Cie', which was responsible for aspects of the construction of the Statue of Liberty. However, others argue that it derives from the French word "gachette", which is part of a firing mechanism, or "gagee", which is a small tool or accessory.

The April 2018 gadget trends are as varied as the theories about the word's origin. From autonomous irrigation solutions for one's home garden to mouthgaurds that track athletes' contact and assess the likelihood of concussion, companies are finding ways to apply gadgetry to as many industries as possible.

From Flying 3D Printers to Drone-Demolishing Weapon Systems: