This Weapon System Can Zap Enemy Drones Right Out Of the Sky

 - Mar 23, 2018
References: raytheon.mediaroom & newatlas
American defense contracting company Raytheon has managed to construct and test an extraordinarily high-tech and innovative high-energy weapon system that is designed specifically to be able to precisely and quickly take out huge amounts of drones on the battlefield.

This drone-destroying weapon system makes use of directed energy beams that cost as little as a dollar per shot but, as their name suggests, can be directed right at the target of interest in order to reduce collateral damage.

Ultimately, this direct energy weapon system is part of a growing push in the defense industry toward innovative weapons that do not compromise on effectiveness, but can be operated at a lower cost with a high degree of precision. Given the increasing sophistication of drones and their ubiquitous nature in conflict zones, the anti-drone space serves as a perfect starting point for the introduction of directed energy weapons.