'Aggressively Organic' Aims to Make Indoor Farming Accessible & Affordable

While there are numerous indoor garden systems that cater to affluent consumers, Aggressively Organic caters to all by offering affordable, accessible ways for people to grow their very own produce from the comfort of the kitchen.

Aggressively Organic's new kits involve seeds, compact pods made from coconut coir—a byproduct that is generated during the coconut water-making process—and cardboard containers, which are used after the plants start to sprout. The hexagonal design of the system is ideal for those who want to maximize space but at the same time, create an extensive indoor garden with as many plants as possible.

Many aspiring home gardeners often lack the skills to adequately address the needs of a plant, yet Aggressively Organic's low-maintenance, low-tech system appeals to the beginner, as they should only need to be watered once monthly after the initial setup.