- May 31, 2019
These indoor garden solutions range from AI-powered smart planters to circular smart gardens. While those living in urban environments can often lack the outdoor space needed for planting a garden, herbs or grass, these products help bring a touch of nature inside.

Standouts include the 'Flora' planter which relies on artificial intelligence to automatically care for plants while owners are away and the OGarden Smart system which can grow up to 90 fruits and vegetables at once. The OGarden Smart is also aesthetically pleasing, boasting a circular, sculptural design that doubles as a focal point in urban spaces.

Other notable examples include Dynasty's Grow Kit -- a cannabis growing kit that is launched for the Canadian audience thanks to the herb's recent legalization -- along with the Level Scapes Micro Terrariums range which is ideal for stark offices and desks in need of some greenery.

From AI-Powered Smart Planters to Circular Smart Gardens: