The Heyzlass Mini Strandbeest Draws Inspiration from the Original

 - Jul 28, 2018
References: yankodesign
The Heyzlass Mini Strandbeest is a miniature version of designer Theo Jansen's oversized original that will provide makers, industrial designers and DIYers alike the ability to bring the magical structures into their own home or office.

Crafted from plastic, the structure is made from 117 individual parts that need to be interconnected together in order to create the final product that will move effortlessly with the power of kinetic energy. Taking around 90 minutes to construct, the toy will transform the power of wind into movement thanks to the integrated fan that will move the various claw feet to shift it from one area to another in a graceful, hypnotic manner.

The Heyzlass Mini Strandbeest is likely to be favored by consumers of all age ranges thanks to the whimsical approach it embodies.