- Dec 16, 2018
With technology continuing to evolve, more advanced devices are becoming accessible to consumers, with these robot gift ideas incorporating a number of recent launches that boast practical uses.

One highlight comes from Kolony Robotic Inc., a company that launched 'MIA' on Kickstarter and quickly surpassed its funding goal. Made to provide pets with a humanistic form of comfort when their owners are away, MIA interacts with dogs and cats to entertain them, feed them treats, and even has a camera so that owners can keep an eye on their furry friend when out of the house.

Apart from functioning as a form of entertainment or a smart home monitoring system, some of these robots are great teachers as well. For example, the Ozobot 'Bit' helps young children to get a better understanding of STEAM subjects by providing them with a fun platform that prompts them to be more curious.

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