This High-Speed Drone Can Capture Underwater Video

 - Sep 3, 2018
References: swellpro & kickstarter
Urban Drones has collaborated with technology company SwellPro to come up with an innovative high-speed drone that doesn't just zip through the air at high speed, but is even capable of infiltrating the underwater world.

The Spry drone is impressive enough in the air thanks to its speed of 70 km/h, but what makes this particular quadcopter all the more impressive is its ability to land upside-down on the surface of the water, before using its propellers to edge benath the surface and capture video.

Currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign over on Kickstarter, the Spry high-speed drone is a fine example of how camera-toting quadcopters will need to distinguish themselves from the competition in order to attract consumer attention in an increasingly crowded space.