Wilde Vertigga's Cannabis Aroma is Based on the Afghan Kush Strain

 - Jun 4, 2018
References: vertigga
As marijuana is finding its way into skincare and other everyday products, the emergence of an aesthetic-driven cannabis aroma was bound to happen. Designed to "captivate the nostrils of curious minds," the 'Wilde Kush' perfume was scientifically developed by Wilde Vertigga. The fashion company boasts collections of gender-neutral silhouettes and its mission statement draws inspiration from "Oscar Wilde's non-conformist way of thinking."

The cannabis aroma is truly an innovative approach to the perfume. The cosmetic product is based on Afghan Kush — a famous landrace strain that is also known as one of the purest indicas on the planet. As the main ingredient originates from the Hindu Kush mountain range in Asia, the cannabis aroma embodies a strong earthy scent that is reminiscent of pine, sandalwood and even lemon.