- May 21, 2019
These scented candle products include unique offerings like city-specific and fast food-themed novelty candles. Standouts that make the perfect fun gift include Grey Lines' 'The Maccas Run' candle which is made to smell like a trip to McDonald's along with the KFC Gravy candle which mimics the brand's popular sauce.

Other standouts include luxe options like Yield's 20th century-themed candle line which pays homage to modern architecture and Ren Clean Skincare's exclusive kelp-scented candle. Boy Smells' 'Chromesthesia' candles are another favorite that is elegantly scented and aesthetically chic. The candle brand's latest product line is all about sensory elements and draws inspiration from the way humans experience sounds and color.

Additional products to note include Gucci's lavish scented candle range which is packaged in ornate porcelain vessels and Le Labo's mini votives which are housed inside concrete.

From Fast Food Novelty Candles to Exclusive City Candles: