- Dec 9, 2018
These self care gift ideas range from pampering foot care kits to deep sleep-enabling devices. Standouts in the realm of skincare include The Mad Optimist's line of customizable bath products -- consisting of an all-natural body bar, bath soak and even a relaxing mist -- along with Queen V's ph-balancing intimate care range. Other notable examples include OSEA's therapeutic seaweed bath soak, Farmacy's brightening, massage-activated mask and Supermood's anti-wrinkle pillow which is crafted from fine crease-proof silk.

When it comes to mindfulness and mental wellbeing, some self care gift ideas to note include the Breo iSee4 Eye Massager which emits heat and pressure to curb headaches and eye strain, along with Not Pot's calming CBD chocolates which are made from a combination of hemp oils and adaptogens that are proven to help individuals de-stress.

Rounding off this gift list are the Saje Natural Wellness aroma therapy inhalers designed to naturally curb stress, boost energy and aid with sleep, and Sipski's shower wine glass holder which encourages indulgent breaks during one's daily routine.

From Pampering Foot Care Kits to Deep Sleep-Enabling Devices: