'SMULD HOUSE' Helps Consumers Craft Their Own Home Fragrances

 - Jan 26, 2018
References: behance.net & thedieline
When it comes to scenting one's home, consumers often feel limited to the fragrances offered by brands in the form of room sprays, potpourri sachets and pre-made diffuser blends—but SMULD HOUSE is a concept from Huei-Tai Chen that aims to give consumers a more active role in the creation process of home fragrances.

SMULD HOUSE imagines a line of incenses and fragrances that can be infinitely customized by blending botanical ingredients in different quantities. Some of the options include lavender, citrus peel, palo santo and cinnamon, which can be ground and placed into a "chimney," which prevents the ashes from making a mess in one's home environment.

The elegant boxes boast a harmonious design that encourages mixing and matching so that one may find the ideal home fragrance combinations that best match their own identity.