Tru Energy Uses Healing Frequencies for Anti-Aging

 - May 10, 2018
References: truenergyskincare & prnewswire
The Tru Energy All-Natural Facelift and Skincare System was developed by energy acupuncturist Cathy Goldstein, who used her decades of practice in integrative medicine to develop a skincare solution to boost her own confidence and help mature women with their skincare woes.

The system includes a cleanser, a facial scrub, a daytime treatment, an overnight treatment, as well as the Energy Optimizing Wand, which "sends specific healings frequencies directly to and through your skin to the underlying tissues, while gently massaging acupressure points."

In her own medical practice, Goldstein found that the use of a sonic wand acupressure device was incredibly successful at reducing wrinkles and restoring the overall tone of the skin—as well as alleviating everything from migraines and allergies to fatigue.