Saje Natural Wellness' Aromalune is a Simple Diffuser Design

 - Aug 2, 2018
References: saje
Saje Natural Wellness recently launched a new limited-edition product in the form of a simple diffuser with an elegant design.

The Aromalune Wilderness Edition is an ultrasonic diffuser that boasts an artful glass form and releases a heat-free mist of essential oils or blends, along with negative ions to purify the air in the indoor environment.

As well as having an attractive form that will elevate the look of a room, the Aromalune Wilderness Edition diffuser also has the potential to be used as a humidifier and an atmospheric lighting system, as it emits a soft LED light glow. While many diffusers rely on button controls, this innovative, intuitive and simple diffuser design can be activated or deactivated simply by touching the product.