- Jun 1, 2019
Many adults are now exploring the intersection of self-care, beauty and wellness through CBD skincare and CBD bath products. Even when they are formulated without cannabis ingredients, plenty of bath products are beneficial for reducing stress and boosting one's mood and even helping with breathing—now, consumers are exploring products with amplified benefits thanks to the inclusion of CBD.

Those who are looking for clear airways, a better night of sleep or relaxation are turning to functional bath products that can also help with mood management, anxiety, physical pain and migraines, thanks to the natural properties of CBD.

While many kinds of soaps, soaks and bath bombs can only be used in the bath, Dropping Seeds produces a variety of CBD blends that can be enjoyed as a tea, smoked or used as a soothing solution to soak the body.

From Anxiety-Reducing Bath Bombs to Cannabis-Infused Bath Salts: