Vingoo's Vitamin C Chargers Offer Fresh Orange Juice on Demand

This spring, the Shanghai-based company Vingoo is bringing its cutting-edge Vitamin C Chargers to Southern California. Not only do the vending machines offer a healthy alternative to sugar sodas, but they also prepare each drink order on demand for an unprecedented level of freshness.

Vingoo's Vitamin C Charges are digital vending machines that are specifically designed for dispensing fresh orange juice. Consumers simply choose their drink of choice and the machine will peel, squeeze and juice enough whole oranges to produce an entire serving of juice in less than 45 seconds. Even the payment process is seamless, with options to pay by a major credit card, ApplePay or a Vingoo giftcard.

The launch of Vingoo's fresh juice vending machines in the US demonstrates the growing consumer demand for access to fresh and healthy drinks on demand.