DB Breweries' Machines Turns Beer Bottle Glass to Sand

 - Feb 21, 2017
References: youtu.be & adweek
In the same way that DB Breweries from New Zealand introduced the 'Brewtroleum' campaign in 2015 to repurpose leftover yeast into a clean-burning biofuel, the brewery is now introducing machines that turn beer bottle glass to sand.

Now, bottles of the DB Export can be transformed into a sand substitute, DB Export Beer Bottle Sand, that will be used to save the beautiful beaches of the region. Reportedly, two-thirds of the world's beaches are disappearing, especially because the demand for sand is so high across the construction and pharmaceutical industries.

Now, the brewery will be able to supply a sand supplement to commercial partners, thus reducing the dependance on real sand. As with the previous campaign, all a consumer needs to do to support DB Breweries on its resource-saving initiative is to drink bottles of DB Export.