- Jul 12, 2019
Personal care and cosmetic brands are now joining the fight against food waste by creating repurposed beauty products with industry by-products that would otherwise go to waste. UpCircle's entire eco-friendly beauty brand supports a circular economy with products like face and body scrubs, serums and soaps that reuse everything from coffee grounds to spent chai spices.

A number of beauty brands are now finding uses for by-products from the beverage industry, including Dr. Craft using the skins of blackcurrants from the making of Ribena to Clean as Kale, which uses food waste from its sister brand Origin Almond's cold-pressed almond juice.

For years, The Body Shop's Almond Milk & Honey range has used broken almond nuts that aren't deemed fit for sale and now, it is introducing new products that feature "wonky" carrots.

From Upcycled Berry Oils to Fruit Waste Lip Balms: