This Coffee is from Molinari Private Reserve and Peete's Coffee

 - Feb 25, 2017
References: foodbev
Wine and coffee share the characteristic of having very strong culture behind them, so this wine-infused flavored coffee beans aim to create a merge of the two together.

The coffee beans come as a result of a collaboration in Napa Valley between the Molinari Private Reserve and Peete's Coffee thanks to Rick Molinari and coffee bean roaster John Weaver, respectively.

The wine-infused coffee took about two and a half years in order to perfect and consists of regular and decaffeinated coffee beans that have been rehydrated using special house-made red wine. This creates flavored coffee beans that are infused with the rich, decadent essence of wine to create full-bodied coffee brews that are ideal for being prepared in a number of coffee beverages for an unexpected experience.