- Apr 1, 2017
As the March 2017 modern trends reveal, contemporary design can run the gamut from space-saving solutions to aesthetically pleasing contraptions. In other words, modern design is being used to solve everyday problems, but it also serves an artistic purpose.

On the more practical side, modern design has been used to solve one of the biggest modern-day dilemmas: saving space. With homes getting smaller and smaller, there is a constant need for new products that can help consumers make the most of their tiny dwellings. Some of these innovative space-saving designs include the Kammerspiel apartment cube, the Daydream lounging chair and the BONBA Studio's desk-embedded bedroom set.

Of course, not all modern pieces help to save on space. As the March 2017 modern trends reveal, some contemporary pieces are more about pushing the limits of design than about functionality. One example of this phenomenon is the Nomon Punto y Coma I Pendulum Clock, which features only hands and no numbers.

From Efficient Apartment Cubes to Elaborate Cocktail Apparatuses: