The 'Man-Machine' ATM Bank Has an Optimized Height and Viewing Angle

 - May 11, 2017
References: yankodesign
The ATM banks that are presently in use are quickly becoming outdated and archaic in comparison to how fast technology is moving in our world, so the 'Man-Machine' ATM is intended to offer a modern solution.

The 'Man-Machine' ATM has been designed with human proportions in mind in order to put the controls and screen at the optimal height and level in order to be used by patrons. This means that leaning over the machine or crouching down in order to reach the buttons would be an annoyance of the past.

The 'Man-Machine' ATM bank is also designed with an advanced interface that makes it a far smarter machine to interact with compared to the existing solutions that are often running extremely basic operating systems.