From Virtual Optometry Platforms to DIY Burger Kit Deliveries

 - May 29, 2017
From virtual optometry platforms to DIY burger kit deliveries, the May 2017 business trends reveal the enormous impact that startups are having on consumer shopping habits.

On of the ways startups are changing our shopping habits is by giving us a way to buy things online that used to require a trip to the store. For instance, Ditto is a virtual optometry platform that uses custom facial recognition technology to help consumers see what a pair of glasses will look like on their face without actually trying them on. The Slapp app also uses similar technology to help beauty buffs find their perfect shade of foundation with nothing more than a selfie.

Additionally, the May 2017 business trends reveal that startups are also changing consumer buying habits with services that simplify everyday tasks. For instance, the BurgaBox meal kit delivery service makes it easy for amateur chefs to prepare a home-cooked meal. Similarly, the Vitafive vitamin subscription service creates custom packets of vitamins that are tailored to the needs of each customer.