Bonsoir Paris Designed the Summer Olympics Lacoste Store in France

 - Apr 11, 2017
The creative agency Bonsoir Paris designed the 2016 Olympic-themed retail space for Lacoste.

Last year's summer Olympics saw many different brands creating clothing for or inspired by the games and athletes that compete to win medals. Lacoste's 2016 Summer Olympics collection was no different, and the brand's clothing items could all be found in the same red, white and blue colors that the French flag features. Bonsoir Paris was able to match Lacoste's retail space design to feature the same colors, offering an eye-catching display that was unlikely to be left ignored by consumers –especially with the fervor surrounding the summer Olympics.

By matching its retail space and clothing with a timely fad, Lacoste's classic and sporty designs remained culturally relevant throughout last year's Olympic games.