'eversign' Eliminates the Need for Paper Contracts (SPONSORED)

 - Apr 4, 2017
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These days, a smartphone or laptop can be used to tackle nearly any daily task. Whether it is paying bills, shopping for groceries or even turning on the lights, apps and other electronic platforms allow us to tick items off our to-do lists with just a few simple clicks.

Despite the ubiquity of digital technology in our daily lives, one process that has remained stuck in the past is the tedious act of signing paper contracts. Not only is the process cumbersome, but it can also take precious time away from more important matters. Fortunately, there is a new platform called eversign that is here to save small business owners, freelancers and other busy professionals from the hassle of sorting through seemingly infinite paper contacts.

eversign is a comprehensive digital signature platform that allows you to sign and send legally binding documents with ease. Anyone can sign up for the service and little more than an email address is required to make an account. Once signed up, you can immediately log on to your Dashabord from your PC, tablet or mobile device.

Just as the name suggests, one of the main benefits of eversign is the ability to sign for documents with an electronic signature. In fact, eversign gives you three different options when it comes to creating a digital version of your signature. You can choose to type your name and then select a handwritten font that best represents your own writing style, you can draw your signature with your mouse or you can even upload an image of your real signature. Additionally, eversign also allows you to choose between using your full signature and your initials.

Once you have created your signature, you can begin uploading documents that need to be signed, designate signers and recipients, prepare documents for signature and then send contacts off to those involved. The signers will then receive a secure link that will take then directly to the appropriate document. Once all parties have signed off, the completed document is stored in your eversign account for easy reference. All the eSignatures are legally binding and meet all of the security and authentication requirements for both the United States and Europe.

While eversign’s Lite service is free to use for sending up to five documents per month, the company also offers paid subscriptions plans for more frequent users. These paid subscriptions range from a Basic plan that allows you to send unlimited documents and create up to three templates, to a Professional plan that allows you to create 10 templates and add up to five team members to your account. There is even an Enterprise option for those who are looking for the most comprehensive option available.

Regardless of whether you’re an entrepreneur running a small business or a corporate professional looking to shave a few minutes off your day, eversign is the easiest way to do away with paper contracts and eliminate the time-consuming hassle of gathering signatures.

This post is sponsored by eversign.