Uber Central is Designed for Businesses' Clients

 - Apr 18, 2017
References: uber-central & techcrunch
Businesses that use a client model have an incentive to give those clients a smooth and pleasant experience in every aspect of their service, and Uber Central is a new app from the popular ridesharing company focused on helping businesses with that prospect. As with the normal Uber app, Uber Central is a ridesharing service, but it's designed specifically for businesses that frequently have clients, customers, or employees on the move.

Uber Central essentially allows businesses to order multiple Uber vehicles at once. With Uber alone, businesses looking to order rides were limited to one car per account, which makes transporting more than a handful of people inconvenient. Through Uber Central, businesses set not only the pickup location and destination, but the amount of vehicles as well. These rides will all be charged to a single business account, so the passengers themselves don't need an Uber account at all.