From Mobile-Only Banks to 24-Hour Vegan Drive-Thrus

 - May 28, 2017
From 24-hour drive-thru restaurants that only serve plant-based food, and silent taxi ride services to same-day meal delivery services, a theme that runs throughout the top May 2017 start-up ideas are accommodations that convenience certain types of consumers. This pattern can also be seen throughout body-positive gyms and salons, as well as subscription boxes for sneaker collectors that provide not shoes, but accessories.

Some of the new ventures that are in the works from established companies include furniture brand IKEA planning to open standalone cafes around the world, and Mobile network operator Orange opening the mobile-only Orange Bank.

Other new releases include green pudding cups at Starbucks Japan and Cotton + Corn sneakers from Reebok, which are completely plant-based and compostable after they have fulfilled their life as footwear.