Colombia University's DeathLab Seeks to Resolve Overcrowding Issues

 - Apr 4, 2017
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Colombia University began its "trans-disciplinary research and design space" called DeathLab a few years ago, with the purpose of resolving some of the issues that arise from overpopulation in urban areas that are not often the focus in climate change.

Most specifically, the DeathLab initiative focuses on death, with crowded cemeteries and cremation pollution becoming an increasing problem in large cities. The goal is to create "mortuary options" that are sustainable, quick to implement and are able to limit burial space. One proposal from the DeathLab initiative is Constellation Park, a cemetery that "would build lights powered by decaying biomass instead of burying the dead."

This unique program works to address issues that are not at the forefront in circles that approach resolutions to climate change, making it crucial in an industry that is becoming increasingly politicized.