'Aural Planes' Reacts to the Electric Charges Your Body Omits

 - May 25, 2017
References: vimeo & fastcodesign
'Aural Planes' is a sculptural art piece which combines science with art to explore how people interact with objects through an aesthetically appealing process.

Drew Seskunas, co-founder of the architecture firm that debuted the installation believes "There are so many amazing processes happening in our bodies we are either unaware of or take for granted."

By combining hundreds of aluminum electricity-conducting rods to a sensor grid, the artists behind 'Aural Planes' were able to create an interactive sound and light sculpture that responds to your body's natural energy. When a person touches the thin rods, the electricity charges that are present travel up the rod, activating different sounds and colors depending on the strength of the charge.

The intention of the installment was to connect people more intimately to their surroundings, forges deeper connections between our bodies and our environment.