The 'Beau' App Connects Models and Photographers in the Industry

 - May 3, 2017
Beau is an app concept that connects models and photographers based on their location.

For those who are starting a modeling or photography career, this app would be a networking game-changer. Users are able to view the profile of other users, chat and set up appointments and save meetings or contacts. Essentially, it is a comprehensive model-photographer connecting app that allows the user to easily access a network of related professionals on the go. For example, if a model backs out of an important shoot at the last minute, photographers are able to go on the app and find a replacement with ease, as each user's whole body of work can be made available on Beau. Users are then able to save contacts for future use.

As a concept, the app for models and photographers could help those starting out in the industry gain more exposure, build networks and better connect with like-minded professionals.