Samsung's Newest Smartphone Features the Nostalgic Design of a Flip Phone

 - May 16, 2017
An updated version of a Samsung flip phone hopes to appeal to a nostalgia-driven audience. The tech brand's newest release is yet another high-end smartphone, but this time with an old school design. With minimalist smartphones anchoring modern society, industry titan Samsung is hoping to take a step back by catering a design to an audience who yearns for the return of technologically simpler days when people were smarter than their phones.

The new device is expected to contain all the features of Samsung's sophisticated designs,"such as wireless charging and fingerprint scanning, and entry-level specs, including a Snapdragon 430 processor." The phone, which was only available in China, is expanding into other markets, speaking to a growing popularity of retro designs.

Samsung's revival of the flip phone has been in the works for a few years, however it plans to revolutionize the smartphone industry with their best-of-both-worlds design which combines nostalgia and simplicity, with high-end mobile features.