From Activity-Tracking Goggles to Holistic Body Health Wearables

 - Nov 26, 2017
As the November 2017 gadget trends reveal, consumers are increasingly turning to high-tech devices to improve their body and their mind.

From a physical standpoint, technology is the perfect solution to a myriad of fitness goals. One example is a fitness ring from Motiv, which is equipped with a heart rate monitor and an accelerometer to help consumers track every second their their workout. Similarly, the new Zwim smart swim goggles boast a built-in display that will allows consumers to adjust their movements in real time to ensure optimal performance.

Oh course, not all health and wellness gadgets focus on physical fitness. As the November 2017 gadget trends highlight, mental health-centric devices are also on the rise. One such example is the Opter Pose wearable which monitors sleep and exposure to blue light, which can disrupt the body's natural rhythm.