The YubiKey 4C Nano USB-C Authentication Key Offers Secure Access

 - Sep 29, 2017
References: yubico & thegadgetflow
Consumer demand for security and identity protection in the online world is only increasing, which has pushed for the need for products like the YubiKey 4C Nano USB-C Authentication Key. Able to be completely configured with all of your accounts, the USB key works to offer streamlined access without having to worry about passwords or phishing attacks.

The YubiKey 4C Nano USB-C Authentication Key works by simply being intuitively incorporated into the USB drive of your laptop without the need for accounts or apps. Users can then simply touch the device to login, while also not even requiring an Internet connection. The device is water-resistant, is free of moving parts and doesn't have a battery which makes it ideal for storing on your keys or in your wallet.