From Self-Mixing Baby Bottles to Maker Website Services

 - Oct 28, 2017
Some of the innovative October 2017 start-up ideas to emerge include online convenience stores, hotel rewards programs that let members redeem their accrued points for Amazon purchases, and food delivery services where ordered items are placed directly in one's fridge.

To help aspiring entrepreneurs get up and running, LOI: Live Pitch was recently launched as a Facebook Watch exclusive, hosted by Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes. Companies like Chobani are also introducing incubators to empower others that have the potential to disrupt existing categories.

Aiming to draw shoppers away from the allure of online shopping, many retailers are setting up brick-and-mortar spaces that are meant to remind visitors of a comfortable home environment. Examples of this include The Residence from John Lewis, The West Elm Hotel and Gwyneth Paltrow's goopLAB, which is styled with a lounge area that visitors are encouraged to use.