YOURFITTINGROOM is a New Service Tailored to eCommerce Customers

With the rise of ecommerce, consumers are accustomed to paying for an item in full and returning it should the item not be the right fit, or not be to their individual taste. One of the problems with this process is that return transactions and at-home try-on programs do not offer the same ease of simply rejecting an item in a dressing room of a physical store.

To remedy this, YOURFITTINGROOM is setting itself apart as a start-up that specifically caters to ecommerce customers. With YOURFITTINGROOM, customers are able to choose up to six items to try on at home, but also select a time for the clothes to be delivered, as well as either accepted or rejected after try-on. To do this, customers are able to test out the garments ordered online while a courier waits to instantly return any items that are unwanted.